La Chulita!
Character Lineup


Going through some old stuff, here's a drawingI revised for a Hansel and Gretal project. I started to get into the character and wondered what hewould look like if the witch was more into S&M than M&Ms . . . . .
Random Characters

The zombie nun was done in photoshop and I taught myself the basics of Illustrator with the angry young lady.

Finally, I'm A Grownup

Optimus shows off my new business card. There's just something about it that makes me feel like a responsible, functioning adult. A professional! Got 'em done cheap at Staples. Anyone interested in their new deal can go here.


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Some Life Drawings.


To quote Jimmy Fallon and certain Seneca animators. Yup. Today is a brand new day and this is a brand new blog. I finally feel ready to share my art work and thoughts with everyone after a long period of inactivity! Check out the new links and please feel free to share your comments!