Cross Walk

Cover page for the pitch package. Still don't know what to call these guys . . . I borrowed Karl Malden's nose for the crossing gaurd. I'm kinda happy the way he turned out even though he's not a major character or anything. Click on the image to get a better look at the details.



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Guitar Hero

Because I didn't get it for Christmas or my birthday. So it's going to be a while before I can plug in and ride the thunder. In the meantime I'll have to rely on drawing to express myself. P.S. I need a new mattress and bed frame after posing this stuff out.


So for the last little while I have been overhauling my portfolio and putting a new one together that focuses on what kind of job I want to shoot for. Simply put: Drawing. Once I finished school my portfolio was a jumble of 3D, Flash, old, old character designs and a few storyboard scraps. UGH!
My former teacher and good friend Jim suggested I put together a new portfolio in the form of an animated series pitch. Above are the main characters-except for the fridge. That's just their for size purposes. Basically these dweeby kids in the 70's put together their own soul band.
More Stuff

A character rotation and expression sheet for the pitch package.


1970'S teen bedroom in the basement of a Vietnamese restaraunt. The character must share the space with cooking supplies. They've installed a black light since daylight is much too harsh for their albino skin. They're also a big fan of soul music.
Band Practice

Just around that time before your mom calls you home for dinner . . .