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Mr. Kitten Becomes An Art Critic

The siamese struck again! Jokes on him-many times my drawings have induced vomiting. Kidding!
Yeah, lame excuse for a post I know. I'll be sure to get more stuff up in a little while. Currently I'm running around assembling packages and typing up coverletters like a crazy person. Somebody blow through a french horn-LET THE JOB HUNT BEGIN! Do you think bloodhounds can be trained to sniff out studios?


Gorillaz Caricature

Some friends started a blog called Line It Up, each month there's a different theme and here's my first submission. The idea was to do a caricature of yourself but in the style of Jamie Hewlett's Gorillaz.


Elderly Abuse Part II

Picks up right where we left off . . .

Elderly Abuse Part I

If you found any of this amusing-including the title, your sick.


Cross Walk

Cover page for the pitch package. Still don't know what to call these guys . . . I borrowed Karl Malden's nose for the crossing gaurd. I'm kinda happy the way he turned out even though he's not a major character or anything. Click on the image to get a better look at the details.



Thanks for visitng my blog! Take a peek at the new stuff up and tell me what you think.
Guitar Hero

Because I didn't get it for Christmas or my birthday. So it's going to be a while before I can plug in and ride the thunder. In the meantime I'll have to rely on drawing to express myself. P.S. I need a new mattress and bed frame after posing this stuff out.


So for the last little while I have been overhauling my portfolio and putting a new one together that focuses on what kind of job I want to shoot for. Simply put: Drawing. Once I finished school my portfolio was a jumble of 3D, Flash, old, old character designs and a few storyboard scraps. UGH!
My former teacher and good friend Jim suggested I put together a new portfolio in the form of an animated series pitch. Above are the main characters-except for the fridge. That's just their for size purposes. Basically these dweeby kids in the 70's put together their own soul band.
More Stuff

A character rotation and expression sheet for the pitch package.


1970'S teen bedroom in the basement of a Vietnamese restaraunt. The character must share the space with cooking supplies. They've installed a black light since daylight is much too harsh for their albino skin. They're also a big fan of soul music.
Band Practice

Just around that time before your mom calls you home for dinner . . .


Class After Class of Ugly, Ugly Children

Whenever I'm stuck for ideas when it comes to drawing nerdy characters or looking for various head and face shapes I like to dig out my Mom's old Stoufville District High School year books. The title of this article may seem cruel but I think you'll agree there was something in that water from 1973 to 1975. Except of course it didn't affect my Mom! Also can someone explain the "friends with benefits" theme of the first cover? Is this what they taught in school? The last picture is my favorite. Prom Queen!