Elderly Abuse Part II

Picks up right where we left off . . .

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Anonymous said...

its lookin great s, the whole package is sharp...the idea is jokes, the boards read clear, character designs are vintage sg..it looks like a alot of fun "animatable" sequences to work on.....especially the seniors reaction...love the 70's bedroom post awhile back...nice range of characters, not just the design but their personality backgrounds too (very wide ranging)..location designs(garage interior/exterior) are nice, are there any prop/packages? (eg: instruments).. ....the cover art for u'r pitch reminds me of an old beatles cover album and chilli peppers too...works perfect!

the "colour" of the overall design looks beigey,yellowee,and brownee (earthy colours)

sort of like along the lines of batman begins (brownish visual theme) and also "heat" with pacino and deniro had a very blueish filmic feel.